Parfum Lover

Ever since I was a little girl, I coveted a good scent to adorn on my body. I was a shy, quiet girl, but I loved expressing myself through my ‘eau de parfum’ even if it was only for my own amusement. I obviously didn’t start out with the likes of Chanel and such, but anytime I was able to buy some kind of delightful scent, I was there. I had various body sprays for every day, and over time I could associate that particular scent with a day or time in my life. Now a woman in my 30’s, with some notoriously sensitive skin, I tend to stick to a higher quality scent. My signature has to be Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, and if you’ve been kind enough to purchase from my shops, it is also my scent of choice for my packages! A little bit of me put into every order.

I am still an avid perfume collector, but at the price of $100+ each, I try to be a little more careful with my scents, only going for ones I have fallen in love with. Although I am in fact constantly stopping myself from purchasing every pretty scent I find, adding to my collection is exhilarating and it can really make me feel glamorous on the most non-glamorous days.

A few of my current favorites are almost anything by Chanel, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Terra-cotta by Guerlain and of course my brilliantly shimmery oils by Chanel and Tom Ford. What are some of your favorite perfumes, do they remind you of a wonderful time in your life?

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