Vintage Bebe babes

I remember as a child, we would drive by a billboard which just happened to always include a Bebe ad, it was right across the street from our home, and it was one of those things that made me excited to see. What beautiful woman would I see today? My life wasn’t very glamorous then, at least not on the outside yet, and these women, on this ad space gave me hope and inspiration that would day I would be that beautiful, confident and exciting. Who else remembers the late 90’s ads? They were everywhere, and I would beg my mother to buy me anything at the Bebe stores so that I could somehow resemble these femme fatales and hold some of their magic inside of me.

I remember I owned only one Bebe item, and it was a silk black jacket that had been on clearance, and I held on to that for so long. When it was destroyed in the wash, I was distraught, and even as an adult, before the stores shut down, I loved walking through the store, touching furs and glittery coats, as it was some sort of retail Disneyland. To this day, I still remember the feeling a Bebe ad gave me. They were brilliant, a sort of modern pin up with a dark sex kitten twist. And although none of these are credited, they are giving me an Ellen Von Unwerth vibe. There aren’t too many of these ads floating around the internet, but the ones I did find sure reminded me how much I used to love them.

Look at this brilliant editorial, with one of my favorite actresses, Rose McGowan. IMG_2555

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