aes·thet·ic – adjective 1. concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Aesthetic, we hear that word everywhere, and for most of us artists, it dictates our lives, our tastes, our decor, our style. This is a fairly newly popular word, yet it doesn’t seem right to believe that one’s aesthetic wasn’t important in decades or centuries past. If we look at any time in human history, we can easily associate that time with a certain style of fashion, art, even architecture. That is the aesthetic of the time. To me, being an aesthete is everything. I live my life in true appreciation of all things beautiful, developing various tastes, and collections a long the way to try to satisfy my need for beauty. As an artist, I rely on the inspiration of past artists, painters, models, fashion. Who would I be without this wondrous encyclopedia in my brain?

To those that have been following me for years, you might have already noticed how important aesthetic is to me. My visual inspiration moves me. it’s reflected in the way I choose to dress, how my home is decorated and what direction my art goes in. I’ve dedicated blogs and Instagram accounts to this and I freely share my discoveries with my followers, hoping to inspire you in the same way I feel! Although I am changing and evolving constantly, I live for that moment when I find something that truly moves me.

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Justify My Love style

A true test of self awareness is constantly trying to update and better yourself, I’m never one to think ‘oh i have done everything I could do, so I must be done with life’ and upgrading your style is no exception. Madonna has become my most current style inspiration, she is a legend in every way but early 90’s Madonna really tugs at my vintage heart. Although her 1920’s looks were beyond anything I could ever dream, her Justify My Love era, was in fact Madonna at her best. Sensual, sexual, provocative, and to some even offensive, the video for Justify My love was banned from MTV back in 1990. Looking at the video now in 2017 really goes to show you how time changes perception, as it’s now pretty tamed compared to what we have seen since. The video still stands as a sensual piece of art though.



Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.40.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.41.59 PM
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Goodbye 20’s… Hello 30

This last weekend was my 30th birthday and frankly, I couldn’t have spent it better. I wanted to incorporate all of the things that I love, so that I could decadently say goodbye to my difficult 20’s and say hello to my 30’s, which I’ve heard are much better than your 20’s! And I am definitely ready for that. I decided to spend the weekend with my family, instead of a grand party celebration with friends, which I hope to still accomplish in the near future!

My fiancé, Andrew took me to a little restaurant called Orchestria Palm Court. The food was great, and the atmosphere was brilliant. There were self playing pianos and violins all around the entire room which played the most beautiful music. The decor was a mix of victorian and art nouveau and the food was delicious. They even had a crafted bar!


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The Masked Ghoul

I’ve been gathering a lot of different inspiration lately, when you have no place to go but up you tend to claw your way out and right now I am clawing and this is always the best time for me. I can somehow make sense of how i am feeling and i use it to create, what else am i going to do with it that doesn’t descend me into pure madness?

I found this set of images on tumblr and it really spoke to me, I know they are most likely Halloween costumes, or just costumes in general, but there is something quite frightening and ironically revealing about a mask. Perhaps it speaks volumes to me about the little evil inside of us that we fight so hard to hide. I would love to utilize this in my own work soon


xx Jocelyne


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E.J. Bellocq(NSFW)

A view at some of my favorite E.J. Bellocq photographs, which were taken around 1912 in Storyville, Louisiana. The subjects of these photographs are known to be prostitutes and out of work actresses around this time. My favorite part of these images is that some have been scratched off, unknown by who, adding a mystery aspect to the entire thing. I am so lucky to have found this book because it is a giant source of inspiration to me, in my personal life, my artwork and my own photography. Although I don’t shoot film, I do love the look and feel of it.


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