Vintage Bebe babes

I remember as a child, we would drive by a billboard which just happened to always include a Bebe ad, it was right across the street from our home, and it was one of those things that made me excited to see. What beautiful woman would I see today? My life wasn’t very glamorous then, at least not on the outside yet, and these women, on this ad space gave me hope and inspiration that would day I would be that beautiful, confident and exciting. Who else remembers the late 90’s ads? They were everywhere, and I would beg my mother to buy me anything at the Bebe stores so that I could somehow resemble these femme fatales and hold some of their magic inside of me.

I remember I owned only one Bebe item, and it was a silk black jacket that had been on clearance, and I held on to that for so long. When it was destroyed in the wash, I was distraught, and even as an adult, before the stores shut down, I loved walking through the store, touching furs and glittery coats, as it was some sort of retail Disneyland. To this day, I still remember the feeling a Bebe ad gave me. They were brilliant, a sort of modern pin up with a dark sex kitten twist. And although none of these are credited, they are giving me an Ellen Von Unwerth vibe. There aren’t too many of these ads floating around the internet, but the ones I did find sure reminded me how much I used to love them.

Look at this brilliant editorial, with one of my favorite actresses, Rose McGowan. IMG_2555

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Parfum Lover

Ever since I was a little girl, I coveted a good scent to adorn on my body. I was a shy, quiet girl, but I loved expressing myself through my ‘eau de parfum’ even if it was only for my own amusement. I obviously didn’t start out with the likes of Chanel and such, but anytime I was able to buy some kind of delightful scent, I was there. I had various body sprays for every day, and over time I could associate that particular scent with a day or time in my life. Now a woman in my 30’s, with some notoriously sensitive skin, I tend to stick to a higher quality scent. My signature has to be Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, and if you’ve been kind enough to purchase from my shops, it is also my scent of choice for my packages! A little bit of me put into every order.

I am still an avid perfume collector, but at the price of $100+ each, I try to be a little more careful with my scents, only going for ones I have fallen in love with. Although I am in fact constantly stopping myself from purchasing every pretty scent I find, adding to my collection is exhilarating and it can really make me feel glamorous on the most non-glamorous days.

A few of my current favorites are almost anything by Chanel, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Terra-cotta by Guerlain and of course my brilliantly shimmery oils by Chanel and Tom Ford. What are some of your favorite perfumes, do they remind you of a wonderful time in your life?

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Justify My Love style

A true test of self awareness is constantly trying to update and better yourself, I’m never one to think ‘oh i have done everything I could do, so I must be done with life’ and upgrading your style is no exception. Madonna has become my most current style inspiration, she is a legend in every way but early 90’s Madonna really tugs at my vintage heart. Although her 1920’s looks were beyond anything I could ever dream, her Justify My Love era, was in fact Madonna at her best. Sensual, sexual, provocative, and to some even offensive, the video for Justify My love was banned from MTV back in 1990. Looking at the video now in 2017 really goes to show you how time changes perception, as it’s now pretty tamed compared to what we have seen since. The video still stands as a sensual piece of art though.



Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.40.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.41.59 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.41.10 PM

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Hair in distress

As I allowed myself to become consumed by vintage films, photographs and the like, I found myself really dreading my way too long locks and just couldn’t help but feel envious over the silent film stars of the past. Now, i had grown my hair out with vintage style intentions, but my very hectic mom life proved that it was just far too difficult to actually keep up that look, and my hair spent most of the last 2 years in a very ugly bun. Not the least stylish at all. I don’t know if it was impulse, or the new year vibes or just months of hating my frizzy, tangled nest on my head, but I said I am doing this. I literally walked across the street minutes after and had it all chopped off. I went through the periods of grief, denial, regret, depression…but now here we are 3 days later and I actually feel like this was the perfect way to begin my year. Whether I will keep it is unsure, but I do feel like this was the best thing I could have done for my self esteem. Long hair can feel like a security blanket, and I did tell myself I was going to stop being a comfortable baby this year.


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Raven black and woodland nymphs…


I think if I were to ever try and explain my personal style, it would have to be a mix of both a vintage goth vamp and a woodland barefoot fairy nymph(with some other elements of course)…now here we are, and designer  Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior has somehow created this exact fantasy, down to the sheer bat masks(which I was just googling to try and make my own a week ago!) and gold snake necklaces, which is my current obsession.

I am actually resurrected by this collection, it has been a long time since I’ve given a damn about a fashion show but WOW if this isn’t an indication of the fashionable Spring that is to come(at least personally), what is? Also I love that this is a spring collection and there are lots of black, bugs, bats and snakes. 

I meant to choose 4-5 of my favorite, but there were so many good ones!

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