Abnormal Pleasures

Just a lady trying to create everything she can in her little space in this world.


Born, and raised in San Jose, California, now creating in Santa Clara, California.

High school drop out turned self proclaimed artiste. I have been working the past 10 years at finding my niche and perfecting my craft. Began drawing for personal pleasure in 2006, however extremely motivated by emotions and personal experiences, my ‘work’ then was quite sporadic. I focused entirely on other mediums such as a small bit of ‘modeling’, creating the Myspace Alternative modeling group Transylvanian Dolls. I was also quite a makeup enthusiast, religiously posting on popular makeup Live Journal communities(Hello Punk__makeup!), which is where I first felt the need to express myself publicly. Makeup served as more an expression than an artistic career, and eventually my passion for it dwindled completely.

In the fall of 2009 I purchased my first Nokia DSLR and thus my life really began. I was an inexperienced, sheltered, completely uneducated photographer…but had been dreaming of photography dreams since those sweaty darkroom days in high school(I wasn’t very good, overwhelmed to say the least but not discouraged.) Within weeks I was shooting ‘professionally’ as a means to support myself, clients trusted my eye more than my skills, and although I was still very new, it was a fun and great experience that allowed me to work from home and travel to Los Angeles quite often.

After the birth of my daughter in 2011, shooting slowed down and completely stopped. Baby life was time consuming and photography no longer important. I began drawing and illustrating in 2011, once again, easily finding freelance work through this medium. I began to take my career more seriously, teaching myself better illustration skills, created websites for clients in my Sugarbrat style of over the top cute and pink. During this time I also opened up various successful online shops that mirrored my personal tastes and aesthetic at the time.

Many name changes later, in late 2014, I decided I no longer wanted to be an artist and plunge into a world of self doubt. Within this doubt, I found that I was a better artist while expressing my feelings, instead of client commissions. I dabbled in sketches and watercolors of sad crying women, obviously meant to mirror myself at the time.

In 2015, my art reached a bigger following, and I was able to teach myself how to paint, thus creating a new name for myself as a real artiste. In 2016 my heart felt the need to shoot, and entered my very precocious 5 year old daughter, Lydia. Proving herself to be quite a muse and talent in my world.


Currently working exclusively as an artist, photographer and online shop owner and in my free time hanging out with my daughter and husband, endlessly watching old and period films, tending to my garden, collecting antique oddities, dolls, butterflies, artwork and hoarding(but never opening) bottles of champagne.