Goodbye 20’s… Hello 30

This last weekend was my 30th birthday and frankly, I couldn’t have spent it better. I wanted to incorporate all of the things that I love, so that I could decadently say goodbye to my difficult 20’s and say hello to my 30’s, which I’ve heard are much better than your 20’s! And I am definitely ready for that. I decided to spend the weekend with my family, instead of a grand party celebration with friends, which I hope to still accomplish in the near future!

My fiancé, Andrew took me to a little restaurant called Orchestria Palm Court. The food was great, and the atmosphere was brilliant. There were self playing pianos and violins all around the entire room which played the most beautiful music. The decor was a mix of victorian and art nouveau and the food was delicious. They even had a crafted bar!



On Saturday, we took a train to San Francisco and ended up staying at the most beautiful house I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in real life. The b&b is called Chateau Tivoli, and it lived up to my expectations and then some. As soon as I walked in, my jaw dropped and I was only in the front entrance. It has a beautiful parlor, dining room, and on the third floor was our room, we stayed in the Mark Twain Suite. It was decorated to perfectly reflect the era in which it states, I was thoroughly impressed. It was quiet and peaceful and the other guests were very quiet and kind.



I ended my birthday at a cute little tea restaurant, with adorable Baroque inspired decor as a surprise from my younger sister! 30 is definitely looking good.



xx Jocelyne


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