Once upon a time, I worked as a local pin up photographer. The job was tedious, and not very free in terms of creativity but it was a job and it was better than anything else I could be doing. After I had my daughter Lydia, I stopped shooting as much, no longer needing it to survive, and eventually I stopped shooting completely to focus on real life. However, I can’t and haven’t been able to help the fact that being a photographer was my dream since I was a kid, and even though mother hood, and painting have vastly fulfilled me…that little dream decided to come back knocking. To those familiar with my work, they’ve seen I ventured from simple pin-up, to now, realizing that my little one, almost 6 years old, is my muse. She is raw and real, emotional, and I don’t know if it’s because of her age, or how she is raised, or maybe she just likes the feeling of being an ‘actress’, but we have really created some beautiful pieces. Perhaps these will only be present in our family album, maybe they will lead to more, but we love what we are doing so far.

All of these were shot with my Canon DSLR and retouched in Photoshop to mimic an analog feel.

Love, Jocelyne



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